Time for a change

In July, I made my decision to relocate to my hometown, Guadalajara, located in Mexico. It took me a few months to make the transition, but finally took the jump and made it!.

I didn’t expect anything to go as planned... and it didn’t. instead, I tried to focus on reconnecting with family and old friends. Mexico had changed, but then again, so had I.

I had opened myself to new set of experiences, and after 6 months in Guadalajara, I feel back home. While being away was exciting and new, feel happier than ever surrounded by my family and friends that I missed so much.

Now you can find me at Tatuajes de Reyes, a tattoo studio located in Zapopan right alongside Guadalajara, with my friends, Melissa and Indio Reyes. I’m excited to be part of the crew and develop another perspective on my life and skills.