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Pair up with Elvia Guadian to have personal guidance and support for your career with a woman working within the tattoo industry. 

Meet virtually, with many options to match the frequency and needs of your desired outcomes.​

  • Orientation trough email or phone call to help you prepare for this journey

  • 1.5 hour zoom Call or facetime sessions with Elvia

  • Mentorship Agreement to identify desired outcomes between your mentor and you

  • Feedback opportunities throughout the process

  • Reliable SUPPORT from someone who is excited to help you achieve.

Let's find time to talk about you!

*Online sessions will be tailor towards your needs. Once you pick a mentorship and submit, I'll contact you on your preferred comunication method to discuss your artistic goals. 

This session is a 1.5 hour online zoom/facetime. We can personalize this session to talk about goals, critique your work, becoming more professional, designing, and tattoo techniques.  

This is for the artist that has already started tattooing,  and wants to up their game! Each Session is 1.5 hours online, and the last session is in person. I make myself available to all of my mentees between sessions, and will give advice on custom designs and anything else I can be of help with. 

Thanks for submitting!
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