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THE LEGACY SHOW | Tribal x Hurley

June 7, 2014. Lowriders, skateboards, famous tattoo artist, legendary west coast graffiti artist, rockstars, beautiful chola pin ups, traditional Mexican food, sick car clubs, Cali vibes, beach breeze, warm sunshine, and the feeling that I arrived in Paradise! The Legacy Car Show in gorgeous Southern Califas was the first annual event put on by Tribal Streetwear and Hurley. One of my dreams in life was to visit Southern California and experience the Chicano Culture first hand and visiting the Legacy Car Show was exactly that. Over the years I had met and became friends with some very talented and genuine tattoo artist based out of Southern Cali SD, OC and LA area. The show brought everyone together to appreciate and celebrate the culture of Lowriders, Art, Music and streewear that originated and represented worldwide from Southern Califas. Much love to all the homies for making me feel at home. A special thanks to Steve Soto for inviting me to the Legacy Car Show in Costa Mesa CA. Bobby founder of Tribal Streewear and Ryan Hurley for putting together this Legandary event. Ain't no party like a West Coast Party!


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