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So I decided to take a 16 hour flight to visit my friends in Tokyo Japan! Visitng Japan and tattooing in Japan was unbelievable. My year of 2014 just keeps getting better and better. A good friend of mine named Akira invited me take the journey to Tokyo and experience something that I will treasure for the rest of my life. I had the honor to meet a legend in the tattoo industry; Horitoshi III. 2014 is such a great year that words can not describe. Krazy Bee Gym along with UFC fighter Kid Yamamoto were kind enough to host me and allow me to tattoo many of the fighters who share a love for my style of tattooing. The memories and experiences I attained on this trip to Tokyo Japan I owe to the crew at Tattoo Soul where I tattooed for most of my trip. I was inspired and motivated to create the third page of my four page flash set dedicated to Tokio ( By the way Tokio is spelled this way in spanish). I was treated like royalty by Akira and his crew and a girl loves that kind of treatment. Thank you guys for everything you did for me. Arigato Tokyo, miss you all.

PS. I miss the toilets there……..they are AWESOME!

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