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Couple days ago I had the opportunity to visit Peru, a short trip that left me wanting so much more of this beautiful place. We got invited by our peruvians friends to attend the International Tattoo Convention of Lima, Peru; Our first day in Lima we met up with some friends and we got a nightime guided tour to the first cementary of Lima called "Presbitero Matías Maestro”, which was very interesting.

Then we spend the weekend at the Convention in Miraflores, a little nice city 40 min away from Lima. Was good event in company of good people who take care of us.

This trip was so different from any I had ever taken. We got up early on monday to our mision to Machu Picchu, we took a plain from Lima to Cuzco airport and then a 2 hours ride to the little inca village of Ollataytambo, The natural beauty that surrounds you is breathtaking and visitig Machu Picchu and Peru in general definitely needs to be in your travel list.

The pictures undernit are from some of my favorite moments while there.

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