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VIVA LA TINTA - Guadalajara

I just came back from a great experience in Mexico!!.

I had the opportunity to visit my hometown Guadalajara, where all my family live, We were warmly greeted the first day by my family and our friends with some welcoming food and of course Tequila (much appreciated after our journey).

The next day we went down to attend VIVA LA TINTA tattoo convention, this year our good friends Indio Reyes, Melissa Reyes, Alan Padilla put on a fantastic show!!.

We had exciting expiriences at the convention everyday; guests were surprised, they had the opportunity to experience a little bit of what Mexico / Guadalajara has to offer with our people, culture and art.

The convention itself was well-thought-out, well planned and well executed, It was also empowered by the work of the Tatuajes de Reyes staff, who provide us with the best all the time, super helpful and nice!

This was the best convention I've been to in a while in Mexico!, and I'm writing this at home with the good times fresh in my memory.

I can't wait for the next one. Thanks guys!.

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