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Hi everyone!, I'm excited to share this trip with you. A destination I've been wanting to visit for years: Lapland, Finland

I always wanted to see the Northern Lights and I was sold to the idea when I saw the pictures of the Arctic resort with glass igloo.

I was advised that temperatures can be as low as -40 C, but you can only understand what is like when you are physically there to experience the cold.

My favorite highlights from the trip were huskie sleigh riding in Rovaniemi, driving our snowmobile at night to go see the light show in the sky and, of course, spending time with my friends living Finland and Barcelona.

Finland is an incredible country, and you will definitely have an authentic winter wonderland experience. Finland was definitely somewhere I´d like to return to.

Check out some pictures of my amazing trip.

Photography by @chillyfog

Photo by Victor C.

Photo by Victor C.

picture by Victor C.

Photo by Victor C.

Photo by Victor C.

photo by Victor C.

tattoo done at red and white ink

picture by Victor

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